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Valentine's Day Ideas 

Happy Valentine's Day



Valentine's Day Ideas 


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Fun facts whether you are celebrating an engagement, wedding or anniversary. This page is to give you a few Valentine's Day ideas from candy,flowers or travel. One stop shopping for all of your Valentine's Day ideas. 

Interesting Valentines Day facts 

Between 5,000 to 6,000 people get engaged or married on Valentine's Day each year.

Vegas celebrates a lot of weddings on Valentine's Day.

Most women will receive flowers for Valentine's Day.
Here are the most popular colors of flowers and what they represent. 
  • Red Roses or flowers-Love & Romance
  • Pink Roses or flowers -Sweetness and Grace
  • White Roses or flowers-Purity
  • Orange Roses or flowers-Desire
  • Yellow Roses or flowers-Friendship

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1 Rose surronded by baby breaths a(signature rose)means I loved you at first sight and I might be on a budget :)-this is given mostly on Valentine's Day or Wedding Anniversary.

6 Roses means Be mine I'm not cheap but possibly frugal!

12 Roses (1 dozen) means I Love You It did not matter what they cost.

36 Roses (3 dozen) means I will remember our romantic time together and Oh yeah! and I am trying to impress you

72 Roses (6 dozen) means Lets get married and I don't mind spending money because I have it!

108 Roses (9 dozen) Okay if I see this many flowers I may get alarmed! I have heard this is actually the number of roses some guys have proposed with but for some people that may be a bit much!

Doves are used as symbols of love because they mate for life according to the American Dove Assoicaiton.


Not into flowers? Be sure to checkout the Romantic Ideas link at the top of the page which offers more than just flowers.  Valentine's Day ideas can consist of many things or just one thing. The companies below offer a variety of gifts that are sure to please.



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